Friday, January 29, 2010

True Protein Sponsorship Opportunities!!

True Protein has built its name and reputation through word of mouth alone since our inception in 2003. One of the key factors in our growth has been our sponsored athletes, who have gone to great lengths to help spread the word about True Protein and how we have helped thousands of people increase their nutritional intake while decreasing their costs.

True Protein offers an excellent sponsorship opportunity that is open to ANY health, fitness, or bodybuilding enthusiast looking to earn FREE protein and supplements just by helping us bring new customers to the site! The rules are simple:

1) We will issue you your very own 5% off discount code that we will select for you. With this code, the premise is, you give this to your friends, family, or anyone you feel would be interested in our products. You may use this discount code for your own personal use, but personal orders do not count to your total tally.

2) You will be rewarded with 8lbs of any type of protein/mix you like including any of our standard True Protein flavors and sweeteners. Premium flavors, Natural Premium flavors, additives, and jugs can be upgraded according to the costs on the website. All you need to do is have your customers use your discount code when they order, and once their combined order cost amounts to $300.00 (not including shipping), you will receive the protein. The winnings are both stackable and roll over to the next month, and we have had winners take home as much as 96lbs of FREE protein in a single month!! If your totals do not exceed $300.00 for a single month, each of those winnings will roll over to the next month to put you closer towards winning the following month.

3) Please, at no time will you be allowed to do any type of spamming to promote This includes e-mail spamming, message board spamming, private message spamming, or any type of annoying advertising ploys (please use your best judgement). We do not want any complaints, so please be responsible. If we hear complaints regarding spamming, we reserve the right to revoke your discount code.

4) Monthly winners will be posted on both and the True Protein Forums on the 10th of every month. E-mails will NOT be sent out, so be sure to check the forums.

If you are interested in participating in our customer referral program, please be sure to contact us at and we can set you up with your own unique referral code immediately and get you on your way towards winning FREE protein through!!


  1. This might never get answered or known, but I wanted to share my store with you and how bodybuilding has helped me.

    Last year, January 2013, I was at an all time low, never caring about nutrition or exercise and never noticing what i was ending up like. That ended me up weighing in around 340 pounds and closed to 45% body fat. After deciding to make a change and not realizing potential I have been wasting, I began to change my eating habits. First, started off cutting out junk food and soda, then began counting calories and macros, soon enough, 6 months passed and I lost almost 100 pounds. Then I began working out, not knowing what I was doing, I began like anything to research, after learning all I could and actually becoming an NASM certified trainer, someone one day when I was working out told me, "Hey, your a very muscular guy, you would be great for body building". That moment there, began my bodybuilding journey. I started like the original journey researching basic principles and eating. Like my whole like, I strive to be the best at anything I could do, but when it came to diet and exercise I never cared. I began with my journey with counting macros and eating completely clean. nothing bad in diet at all, I would say it was about August when I started hitting it hard. I live in Burlington Vermont, Nothing really here, but there is a lot of growth opportunity for new products. Its now May, its been over a year in my journey and I'm now 247 solid muscle and 8%BF. My first bodybuilding show is in April 2015 in the NPC. My goal is to be 300 solid muscle and during show 3% bf. I am getting HUGE notice in the bodybuilding community and have already got a Sponsored gym, team of Coaches and now I am looking for a Sponsor to rep during NPC and national shows. the biggest part in a bodybuilders life, is nutrition. Your products can help that. I've come along way, from not caring to making this my life. I have taken this sport up full time and now training and preparing for show full time. I would love the chance to share my story and rep your product in new england area. I come from a Business Executive background and marketing and one of my strong suits is promotions.

    Thank you for taking the time to reading my story,

    Best regards, and thank you for making your products of the highest quality.